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General Contest Rules
Except to the extent set forth in the specific rules for a contest, the following  general contest rules will apply to all contests conducted by Brandy Communication, DBA, KOFO Radio (Station).  To the extent that the specific rules for a contest differ from these general contest rules, the specific rules for that  contest will preclude these general contest rules, but only to the extent of the difference.  A copy of these general contest rules, along with any specific contest rules if/when applicable, will be made available during regular business hours, Monday through Friday (excluding holidays), which are, 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., and 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.,  at the KOFO studio’s located at 320 East Radio Road, Ottawa, KS, and on the Station’s website at  For questions, comments and additional information about Station contests or prizes, call 785-242-1220.

Individuals who are 18 years of age or older, a legal U.S. resident, and they or anyone in their household who has not won a contest or prize from the Station within the 60 days prior the winning date of a contest, are eligible to enter and win.  KOFO Employees and their immediate family members, promotional agencies and their client employees, including the respective parent entities, affiliated companies and any other individuals legally residing in the same household, are not eligible to enter or win a Station contest.
For contests governed by these general contest rules the Station will provide the following contest-specific information as applicable:
1. When to enter the Contest and/or the deadline for entering the Contest;
2. How to Enter the Contest;
3. The process for selecting or otherwise determining any qualifiers/winners;
4. A description and approximate value of the prize to be awarded.
Station will provide such Contest Terms by means of on-air announcement, website/blog post, social media network pages and/or at the KOFO Studios, including posters and/or handouts.
Station is not responsible for the failure of any third party sponsor/location to make Contest Terms available.
Failure to comply with the terms and conditions, including, without limitation, submitting an incomplete or fraudulent entry, and/or failing to complete the entry process, will result in such entry being disqualified from any Contest.  Any individual that is found to be, or suspected of, tampering with a Contest in any way, including without limitation, by making a fraudulent entry, by engaging in any “deal-making” with or between other contestants, participants or third parties, by creating a public hazard, by cheating, by engaging in improper or illegal activity, by causing interference with or the destruction of property and/or utilized public safety resources will be disqualified from participating and/or winning any prize, as applicable, and may be banned from any future participation in any Contest as determined by Brandy Commuincations/KOFO at its sole discretion, and as needed
By entering a Contest, Entrants understand that Station staff, either on-air or via social media, may choose to comment on their entry or performance. Entrants agree to allow use of their name, nickname, photo, or other means of promotion in discussing, promoting, or reviewing said Contest. Entrant agrees to waive any right to make any claim against Station or any Contest sponsors with respect to any comments, disparaging or otherwise, made regarding such Entrant and/or his/her entry, entry materials,  performance, voice, appearance, participation and/or any other information provided or disclosed to KOFO during the course of a Contest.  Further, Entrant acknowledges and agrees that all entries and/or entry materials become the property of KOFO Radio and will not be acknowledged or returned.
Contests are subject to all applicable laws and regulations, and are void where prohibited.  Odds of winning depend upon the Contest itself.  Random Drawings depend on the number of entrants or qualifiers for a grand prize.  In the event a Contest requires skill and/or action to win, odds of winning depend on the entrants/qualifiers ability to perform the skill/action.  All tie-breaking procedures will be published on the KOFO website, KOFO Radio social media pages and/or communicated by email to those Contest entrants involved in a tie.
Participation in a contest and/or acceptance of prizes constitutes consent by entrant and/or winner’s (and applicable guests/individuals) for the Station or its agents:
1.  To interview the entrant and/or winner’s (and applicable guests/individuals);
2.  To photograph, film and record (any use/mixture of Audio/Video formats) the entrant and/or winner’s (and applicable guests/individuals);
3.  To use in commerce and in any medium now or hereafter known throughout the world in perpetuity and without payment of any compensation or additional consideration: his/her name, hometown (city and state), biographic information, likeness, photograph, audio or video recording, entry materials, prize information, and/or any statements made by him/her regarding KOFO Radio, the Contest/Promotion, and/or its sponsors for purposes of trade, publicity, or promotion, without notice or additional compensation, notification, or permission, except where prohibited by law.  
Participation in a Contest and/or acceptance of prizes constitutes agreement by entrant and/or winner’s (and applicable guests/individuals)and do hereby release, forever discharge, indemnify, and hold harmless KOFO Radio, its affiliates, parents, assigns, successors, employees, participating sponsors, agents and all others connected with them and the promotion, contest, and/or event (the “Released Parties”) from any and all liability, claims, actions, and damages sustained or incurred by participation in the said promotion, contest, and/or event and the receipt and use of any prizes awarded through such promotion, contest, and/or event arising in any manner whatsoever, including but not limited to an act or omission, whether negligent, intentional or otherwise caused by KOFO Radio, its affiliates, parents, assigns, successors, employees, sponsors, agents and all others connected with them and the promotion, contest, and/or event.  If the associated Contest is administered by KOFO Radio (in whole or in part) via a Facebook page or any other communications platforms, entrants understand and agree that the foregoing liability release and indemnification in these contest rules will also include the release and indemnification of Facebook or any other communications platforms by entrant in the same manner in which KOFO Radio is released and indemnified.
The Released Parties are not responsible for:
1. Typographical or other errors in the printing, the offering, or the administration of a contest or in the announcement of a prize;
2. Incorrect or inaccurate information, human error, failure, or omission;
3. Unauthorized human intervention;
4. Lost, stolen, mangled, misdirected, illegible, incomplete, or late entries;
5. Entries not received due to difficulty accessing the internet, service outage or delays, computer difficulties and other technological problems or for telephone service outages, delays, busy signals or signal interference, accidental disconnection, equipment malfunctions, and any other technical failures of any kind;
6. Any cancellations, delays, diversions, or substitutions or omissions whatsoever by any transportation providers or any other persons or entities providing any services to entrants and/or winners (and applicable guests/individuals) including any results thereof such as changes in services or location necessitated by the same. Furthermore, the Released Parties are not responsible if any part of a Contest cannot be conducted and/or if a prize, ether in whole or in part, cannot be awarded due to the acts of God, acts of war, natural disasters, weather, acts of terrorism, or other factors beyond the Released Parties’ control.
If for any reason a Contest cannot be executed as planned, including but not limited to, a result of infection by computer virus, tampering, unauthorized intervention, fraud, technical failures, or any other causes beyond the control of the Released Parties that may corrupt or affect the security, administration, fairness, integrity or proper conduct of the contest, or if the contest is compromised or becomes technically corrupted in any way, electronically or otherwise, KOFO Radio reserves the right to cancel, terminate, suspend, and/or modify the contest without prior notice.  If the contest is terminated before the original end date, KOFO radio reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to modify the procedure for selecting winners, unless the nature of the event giving rise to such termination renders it impossible to select winners.
Except if inconsistent with these general contest rules or the specific rules for any particular Contest, any reference to the KOFO radio privacy policy in contest materials or advertisements will be deemed to refer to the Stations privacy policy available from a link at the bottom of (“Station Privacy Policy”), unless a different privacy policy is specifically identified, in which case, any such third party privacy policy will NOT be applicable to or part of these Contest rules.  Station may use cookies and/or collect IP addresses for implementing or exercising its rights or obligations under the contest rules, for information purposes, identifying your location, including without limitation for the purpose of redirecting you to the appropriate geographic website, if applicable, or for any other lawful purpose in accordance with the Station Privacy Policy.  Information collected by KOFO Radio in connection with entering, voting or otherwise participating in any contest may be shared with sponsors of particular contests, and otherwise used in accordance with the Station Privacy Policy.
Depending upon the type of contest and the entry information provided/required…KOFO Radio may contact qualifiers/winners by phone, email, text message, direct message or public post on social media networks, and/or in person.  KOFO Radio will only be required to leave one voicemail message, send one email, send one text message, send one direct message on social media, and/or make one public posting on social media.  Station reserves the right, but not the obligation, to attempt to contact any Entrant(s), Qualifier(s), winner(s), and/or grand prize winner(s) more than once, at its sole discretion, and will not be required to attempt to contact Entrant(s), Qualifier(s), winner(s), and/or grand prize winner(s) an equal number of times or in the same manner.
KOFO Radio will be the sole arbiter in all matters relating to any Contest, including without limitation, contest entries and in the interpretation of contest rules.  All decisions by KOFO Radio will be final and may not be appealed.  An entry into a contest constitutes agreement by entrants to abide by these rules, as well as any other rules established by KOFO Radio.
Prizes will be released to winners only and will not be mailed, unless otherwise determined by KOFO Radio, at its sole discretion.  All prizes awarded must be picked up at the Station during normal business hours, unless otherwise specifically directed by KOFO Radio.  Prizes not claimed within thirty business days of being advised by KOFO that the prize is available for pick-up, or in the case of a time sensitive prize within its period of usability if shorter than 30 business days, will be considered forfeited without notice to the winner, and will become the property of KOFO Radio.  Such prize may be disposed of at the discretion of station management.
Winners are responsible for paying all applicable local, county, state and federal taxes on prizes based on the estimated retail value of the prize, as set forth in the individual contest rules, and may be issued an IRS Form-1099 for all prizes won from KOFO Radio in any calendar year where the aggregate value of all such prizes is $600 or more.
If any entrant, qualifier, winner and/or grand prize winner, as applicable, is disqualified from a contest for any reason permitted by the applicable contest rules at any point in time, the following will apply:

1. KOFO Radio and/or Sponsors will in no way be obligated to notify any such individuals of such disqualification or forfeiture;
2. KOFO Radio will NOT be obligated to select an alternative qualifier,  winner, and/or grand prize winner, as applicable, and may instead elect to retain any associated prizes as its own property and/or dispose of any such prizes in any way it sees fit outside of, or within, the scope of the contest.
Irrespective of outstanding circumstances, stated on air, or published online, no potential winner of any Contest will be entitled to receive any prize until KOFO has verified such potential winner’s contest eligibility and compliance with the contest rules and until such potential winner has completed and submitted all documents required by KOFO.  In order to receive any prize,  winners may be required to present a valid government issued photo ID, to provide a valid social security number, and/or to provide or complete and sign any other documents required by KOFO Radio, including without limitation, one or more liability release agreements relieving KOFO, its parent and affiliates and their respective officers, directors, members, managers, employees, agents, Contest sponsors and others from any and all liability with respect to the entrant’s participation in the Contest and the receipt and/or use of the prize.  Any person who refuses to present a valid government issued photo ID, to provide a valid social security number, and/or to provide or complete and sign any other documents required by the KOFO Radio by the deadline required by KOFO Radio will forfeit any and all prizes.  KOFO reserves the right to examine identification and may reasonably choose to accept or deny awarding the prize based on the identification presented.