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There is a phenomenon among crafters of every stripe, whether they’re woodworkers, fiber artists, bakers … pretty much anyone who makes stuff. It’s called the Kinyah Effect.
“Wow, kinyah make me some of that?”
“Ooo, kinyah make me one of these?”
“Hey, kinyah make me one of those?”
You get the idea.
Usually, the request is made in jest, and I respond by wiggling my fingers and solemnly intoning, “POOF! You are one of those.” Sometimes, the request is serious, causing me to consider time, effort, cost of materials, and how much I like the person.
This brings me to The Scarf.
You know the one I mean. Worn by a certain doctor-portraying actor on a certain British TV show. THAT scarf. If you knit, you have probably been approached at some point by a friend, family member, or in one memorable case, a far-too-enthusiastic-and-marginally-creepy random stranger who refused to simply stop talking and go away in spite of multiple hints, who wants you to make The Scarf.
If you:
A. have time
B. can get the materials/pattern
C. genuinely like the recipient
D. are nuts
E. any combination of the above,
you will agree. I did.
Since The Scarf is insanely popular among fans (Knitters, not so much. It’s the fiber equivalent of asking a drummer to play ‘Wipeout’.), the BBC has graciously made instructions for the original incarnation available online.
I read them. I boggled.
I considered changing my name and moving out of state.
I went yarn shopping.
Next week: The Procraftinator Casts On for The Scarf. Stay Tuned!