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Over the course of the past 5 years I have authored a number of editorials about Ottawa High School, its students, and the programs that help define both.  What I have neglected to shed light on are the numbers of outside organizations that help us make Ottawa High School a great place and provide some of the finances needed in order for us to continue to offer all of the programs we do.  One such organization is the Ottawa High School Booster Club.  

The Booster Club is run by volunteers with an interest in making sure that the activities offered at OHS have the financial help needed to provide the greatest possible experience for our students.  This organization provides the opportunity for our activity sponsors to request money for their group.  There is a misconception that the Booster Club only help athletics, however, that could not be further from the truth.  Debate, Forensics, Science Olypiad, Scholars’ Bowl, and nearly every other academic extra-curricular activity has benefited from donations made by Booster Club.

Another misconception about Booster Club is that it is run by the OHS Athletic Department.  Booster Club has no formal ties to OHS and is run by volunteers who keep track of it finances.  The committee formed by Booster Club then determines how they will raise their money, how much they will contribute, and to which organizations they will contribute to.  OHS Athletic Director, Mr. Graf, will inform our sponsors of the options Booster Club provides as well as a request for funds.  Those requests are then turned over to the Booster Club to determine who has the greatest need and where their money can be most beneficial.

How does Booster Club make its money?  This group does a number of fundraisers at athletic events, accepts donations, as well as a number of other formal events.  Next Friday, September 5, at the Cyclone home opener will be one of those events.  Booster Club will be hosting a tailgate event in the south parking lot of the high school.  The event is being catered by Smoked Creations with plates costing $7.00.  Special appearances from the OHS Drum Line and the Dance and Cheer Squad will cap off the event.  The Booster Club would like to invite you to bring a lawn chair, enjoy the food, and get ready for another season of Cyclone Football.

Booster Club is one of many community organizations that benefit OHS and its students.  We are thankful for their contributions as well as those from the many other groups that work with us.  If you are interested in knowing more about Booster Club and its function please contact the office at 785 229-8020 and we will help you get in touch with Booster Club leaders Becky Blaue and Jody Lancaster.  We look forward to seeing you at the tailgate event!

Dr. Ryan Cobbs

OHS Principal