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Mr. and Ms. OHS

Ottawa High School was founded in 1917 and at some point during that time the most prestigious award ever bestowed upon an OHS student, Mr. and Ms. OHS, was created.  Without going back through every yearbook published by our school and determining exact years, we know that at some point the award went away and was seen no more.  In 1995 the Ottawa High School student council made a decision to bring the award back and is now working on its 20th year of celebrating the contributions of the most heralded Cyclones to attend Ottawa High School.

The Mr. and Ms. OHS award is meant to recognize those students who epitomize the characteristics of participation, scholarship, attitude, character and leadership.  Throughout the last 20 years this award has showcased students who have given more to our school and our community than we could have ever asked of them.  These students have flourished in a number of activities including athletics and student organizations.  Typically these students are in the top 10% of their classes and are primarily enrolled in a rigorous course of study that includes college preparatory and dual credit courses.  Mr. and Ms. OHS candidates display an attitude and character that is centered and focused on developing a sense of pride within our school and representing it as such.  Finally, these students express leadership in all aspects of life whether it be in the classroom, throughout organizations such as NHS or Student Council, on he field of play in athletics, and within the community in situations outside of school centered on the betterment of others.  

This years candidates were selected based upon the recommendations of teachers, parents, and community members.  A list of those candidates were provided to the staff at OHS to be rated on the attributes that were discussed above.  After tabulating the results Student Council and Ottawa High School would like to recognize Gabrielle Bowers, Stephanie Brands, Madison Lancaster, and Amanda Leadbetter as the candidates for Ms. OHS and Mr. OHS candidates Frankie Hernandez, William Lynch, Aaron Miller, and Vincent Sylvester.  

These students represent the soul of this award.  Individuals in this group of students have helped to bring homecoming festivities back to the downtown area, created a program to help students understand the importance of seat belt safety that is now being nationally recognized, are some of the most intelligent students to graduate from OHS, and represent “Cyclone Pride” in a manner unmatched by students in years past. 

This week a vote will be taken on who best represents Mr. and Ms. OHS.  An assembly will be held in their honor on Friday, May 2nd at 9:25 a.m. as we announce which of these students will be awarded the most prestigious award that we can bestow upon any of our students. Regardless of which of these students will take home this award, each and every one of them is certainly deserving of the honor.  I am very proud of the accomplishments of our candidates and would like to congratulate them and wish them the best of luck.

Dr. Ryan Cobbs
OHS Principal