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Open House    

This Thursday Ottawa High School will be hosting its annual Open House event beginning at 6:00 p.m.  This year will be a little different that last as we will return back to the high school after a year at Forest Park.  This year we want to showcase our building and the changes that are slated to occur thanks to the community passing our recent bond proposal.  The event will include an opening discussion in the North Gym, the opportunity for our visitors to meet with staff, and will end with the added opportunity to see first hand the new digital materials that our math department is using.  

We will begin at 6:00 p.m. in the North Gym as I will provide some information as to our changes in policy and our goals for the upcoming year.  Included in this discussion will be information on our implementation of a multi-tiered systems of support for behavior, the implementation of consistent expectations throughout all classrooms, and the changes in how we deal with students as they begin to accumulate points in our behavior system.  We will also discuss the upcoming accreditation visit that USD 290 will be experiencing, what we have learned by going through this process, and what it will mean for us in the future.

After the opening session we will then dismiss parents to meet with our staff.  Our staff will be positioned where they will be when the remodel of our building is complete and by department.  Subsequently, our participants will not be meeting individual teachers, however, each staff member will be available during this time if their are specific questions one might have.  Our staff will be discussing changes in our building and how it will look upon completion as well as how it will effect our students in the future.  They will also be working through their expectations as a whole, the interconnectedness of each program 9-12, and changes that may have been made for the 2015-16 school year.

As we finish up, our math department will meet with anyone who would like to stick around and learn about the digital opportunities that we have for our students.  This year we have several programs available for our math students that should have a positive impact upon their learning and their ability to not only complete assignments but to complete them with a high level of success leading to improvement in the learning process.  This meeting will take place in the Cyclone Room and should last somewhere between 20 and 30 minutes.

At each station Mrs. Coen’s culinary classes will have snacks and drinks.  Due to the square footage being added to our building several of our groups will be meeting outside (depending on the weather) including Science and Performing Arts as we will showcase were the new science wing and the performing arts center will be located.  We are excited to share our goals and successes with you and look forward to seeing you at Open House!

Dr. Ryan Cobbs
Ottawa High School