July 23, 2024

GARNETT — The Anderson County Commission has pulled the plug on the county Neighborhood Revitalization program. The commissioners’ vote kills the program when the county’s agreement with the cities of Garnett and Greeley and USD 365 ends June 30.
Commissioners say that because of state funding cuts, the county can’t afford to give up the property taxes that would be rebated under the program. The program offered a property tax break to industrial, commercial and residential property owners for new construction or substantial improvements in neighborhood revitalization zones as a way to boost economic development. County Clerk Phyllis Gettler said that those who have been accepted into the program will continue to receive the tax rebates for the next five to eight years. However, Garnett city commissioners say they’ll ask the county commissioners to reverse their vote. They say if the county commissioners don’t change their minds, they’ll set up a Neighborhood Revitalization program on their own for the city.

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