July 24, 2024

Franklin County

Winter Storm February 2, 2011

The Franklin County Emergency Management Office continues to discourage travel for today due to the bitter cold and road conditions. If you must travel please take some precautions. Make sure you have a full tank of gas, plenty of warm clothes, a charged cell phone, a shovel, and sand or cat litter. Let someone know where you are going and what route you will be taking.

Franklin County non-emergency offices will be closed today due to the bitter cold wind chills, and road conditions. The Franklin County Commission meeting is still scheduled for 10:30 today. Franklin County Public Works continues to work around the clock plowing snow on the blacktop roads and on the gravel roads during the daylight hours.

If you live on a road that is prone to drifting, you may not be able to get out. If you leave your home you may not be able to return due to drifting and blowing snow. We anticipate it may take up to three days to clear all drifted roads in some areas of the County.

Citizens needing to contact the Franklin County Public Works office can call 785-229-3550 during normal business hours. After hours you may call 785-242-3800. Please use 911 for emergency calls only.

Franklin County Emergency Management continues to work with all agencies in the county to monitor the situation.

Again Franklin County non-emergency offices will be closed today. Please continue to monitor the Ottawa Herald and KOFO for updates.

For more safety tips you can go to www.franklincoks.org and click on Emergency Management where you will find several links that can provide valuable information.

“Your safety is our business”

Alan Radcliffe, Director

Franklin County Emergency Management

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