July 23, 2024

OTTAWA — Despite opposition to the federal Health Care Reform Act from conservative legislators and Gov. Sam Brownback, Kansas Insurance Commissioner Sandy Prager, also a Republican, said her office will continue to prepare for law until she hears otherwise. Although Republicans opposed to the law took control of the U.S. House of Representatives, she said she doesn’t think the law will be repealed. The U.S. Senate, still dominated by Democrats, and President Obama aren’t likely to agree to a repeal, she said. The House may try to “de-fund” the measure by refusing to appropriate money to carry out the law, which may have some impact, she said. In the meantime, the law has taken affect, and Prager said she would rather that Kansans control how the law is handled in the state, rather than have federal officials take it over. Increasingly, as Americans learn about provisions of the law, they’re less likely to oppose it, she said. She said that more often, during her discussions with Kansans she now hears more questions about specific programs in the law, rather than comments about the merits of the law. Prager met with Franklin County commissioners Wednesday and discussed the law. Excerpts of her presentation will be aired during Sunday morning’s Community Perspective program at 8:04.
Thursday, March 3, 3 p.m.

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