July 15, 2024

OTTAWA — If the federal government is shut down Friday because of budget battle in Congress, Lake Region RC&D will be among the local casualties. Lake Region chairman Don Stottlemire said the national RC&D chairman will give state and local officials a run-down on closures. The office will likely be closed although Stottlemire said he hopes some of the office’s functions that are not funded by federal funds will be able to continue. However, even if the shutdown is avoided, national funding for conservation groups such as Lake Region remains a target of House Republican budget-cutters, he said. Lake Region, which has been in existence since 1973, could still end up being eliminated, he said. Lake region has been involved in several water quality, recycling and tree planting projects over the years, including the popular bicycling recycling program and the Hillsdale Water Quality Project.
Thursday, April 7, 9 a.m.

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