July 24, 2024

OTTAWA — The Ottawa school board and the Kansas Association of School Boards will have a public meeting to help define suitable education – before tax-cutting, school-chopping legislators do. The “Kansas Conversation on Suitable Education For Kids” will be 6:30 p.m. Thursday at Ottawa High School. Ottawa schools’ site council members, students and members of the public have been invited, said Supt. Dean Katt. The group will look at what Kansas schools should do to promote the intellectual, educational, vocational and scientific progress of students; what schools aren’t doing and what they shouldn’t be doing, he said. The results will be forwarded to the KASB and combined with similar forums across the state. Some legislators have been working on their own definition of “suitable education.” Educators think some legislators are coming up with their own definition as a way to find more excuses to cut state education funding.
Wednesday, April 13, 1 p.m.

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