June 14, 2024

OTTAWA — As they say on that one reality TV show, the tribe has spoken.
And Ottawa is a survivor for the next round of 2010. Ottawa Area Chamber of Ccommerce president Tom Weigand conceded it’s been a long year but the community has stayed in the running. Despite the bad year and a variety of bad economic news, the community and downtown have weathered the troubles and is better off than many Kansas communities. And he said there are several positive developments for 2010: Verizon Wireless will move into a vacant video store building in the 1500 block of South Main, a prospect is eying the former Taylor Design Group building, Neosho County Community College is planning to build a new campus in Ottawa and two travel centers will likely begin construction. Weigand gave a year-end review of the area economy last week to city and county commissioners.

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