June 22, 2024

WILLIAMSBURG — The West Franklin school district needs extra money to replace some old equipment and repairing and maintaining school buildings. The school board proposed to establish a capital outlay mill levy to raise money to keep up with repairs and replacements. Heating and air conditioning units for the district’s schools need to be upgraded, Superintendent Dotson Bradbury said during the final public meeting on the tax levy, which was this week at the Williamsburg Elementary School.
Part of the roof at Appanoose also needs to be replaced, and other equipment replaced, he said. The mill levy would raise a little over $150,000 a year for five years. The levy will go into effect unless a protest petition is filed by at least 10 percent of the qualified electors in the district within 40 days after the last publication of the proposed mill levy.
If things get much worse for public schools, board will have to cut classes and programs, Bradbury said.

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