June 24, 2024

OTTAWA — The county will allow an wireless Internet company to keep its Internet antenna on the county’s Appanoose tower for free until October. Midwest Connections has considered removing the antenna from the tower because it hasn’t had enough rural residents in northwestern Franklin County sign up, county administrator Lisa Johnson told commissioners. However, the county has asked the company to keep the antenna on the tower until October to give the company time to attract more customers, she said.
Midwest pays the county $250 a month for each tower to have antennas on all four of the county’s emergency communications towers. Using the county towers, Midwest offers high-speed wireless Internet to most of the rural areas of the county, she said. Johnson said the county gets free Internet service for its ambulance station at Wellsville and the deal ensures that Central Heights School continues to have Internet service. Commissioners will renew the county’s contract with Midwest at their meeting tonight.

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