June 24, 2024

OTTAWA — Briscoe’s Drug Store in Ottawa has received near front-page coverage in the current issue of Reminisce Magazine. On page 4, you can see a photograph from summer 1948. It shows two boys, Terry and Gerald Briscoe, sitting in front of a newsstand with their dog “Janie” in the drugstore. It seems that one day, a man came into the drug store and offered to buy their dog. Gerald bBriscoe said he wouldn’t sell their dog…not even for a million dollars. She became known as the million-dollar dog. Reminisce also includes a smaller photograph that shows Terry and his parents, Guy and Mary Ruth Briscoe standing behind the Briscoe soda fountain, which features Pepsi-Cola “on draught.” Terry Briscoe was eight years old at the time, and his brother Gerald was 15.
Reminisce is a nationwide magazine of more than a million readers and editors advertise the publication as bringing back the good old times of yesteryear.

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