June 15, 2024

OTTAWA — Crews have restored most of the power to southern Franklin County and northern Anderson County although some pockets remain blacked out as a result of Wednesday afternoon’s storm. Power crews have been working all night to replace power poles snapped like uncooked spaghetti. Many of the areas without power over the night are the same areas that were blacked out by last month’s powerful wind storm. Kansas City Power and Light said that about 75 percent of its customers have regained power. However, the utility said that customers in more isolated rural areas might not regain power until next week. The Lyon-Coffey Electric Cooperative said it has been working on restoring power to its customers. Power to most of the city of Garnett was restored by Thursday morning after much of the city was without power Wednesday evening.
Power was restored in Ottawa shortly before 4 a.m. Thursday. The city saw rolling blackouts yesterday evening because the city’s connections with KCP&L were cut by the storm. If you’re a KCP&L customer and don’t have power, call 1-888-LIGHT-KC. If you are a customer of Lyon-Coffey Electric Cooperative who is without power, call 1-800-748-7395.

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