June 15, 2024

GARNETT — Nearly 50 Garnett-area women spent eight weeks getting ready to run five kilometers. They were taking part in a fitness program sponsored by the Anderson County Hospital. Michelle Cunningham, the program’s coordinator for the Anderson County Hospital, said that each week, the women had a class concerning on women’s health issues. Then after each class, the women went to the Prairie Spirit Trail. Each week, the women went from walking to running and going farther each week, she said. Each woman’s weight, glucose level, cholesterol level, body fat and blood pressure was checked at the first and at the end of the program. The women will take part in the Anderson County Fair’s 5K run-walk. Because of the response to the program, the program will be an annual spring event, Cunningham said. It’s possible there will be a family program in the fall, she added.

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