June 15, 2024

GARNETT ā€“ An Anderson County Emergency Medical Services report said that the three ambulances that race across the county responded to nearly 1,000 calls last year. Anderson County EMS covers 576 square miles and serves nearly 8,000 people. Unlike many other county ambulance services, all of the ambulances are stationed in one location and serve the entire county. Anderson County EMS is based in Garnett. EMS is also backed up by 40 First Responders who respond to emergencies in the communities they live in. EMS director Don Nungesser said response time to emergencies is as good as or better than other ambulance services. Although the ambulance service is based at Anderson County Hospital, Nungesser said ambulances will take patients to other hospitals if they request it. He says in case of emergencies, ambulances must take patients to the nearest hospital.

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