July 15, 2024

GARNETT — Anderson County taxpayers have more unpaid delinquent taxes this year than they did last year.  A list of tax delinquent property owners was published in last week’s Anderson County Review and will be published again this week.  The publication, required by Kansas law, lists property owners who are in some cases years delinquent on their property tax payments, with some that may be as recently delinquent as either the first or second half of 2008.  This year’s lists has 434 taxpayers who owe nearly $329,000.  This year’s delinquency represented about three percent of the county’s total $9.9 million anticipated tax roll.  Notices were mailed last November and last May, and a final notice that unpaid balances would be published was mailed in June.  The list reflects those who had not paid their obligations as of the end of July.

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