July 20, 2024

OTTAWA — Ottawa schools will see a 35-student increase in its enrollment compared to last year. Monday was the deadline for Kansas schools to report enrollment figures to the state. According to district officials, Ottawa schools had a “full-time equivalent” enrollment of 2,445, up from 2,412 last year. In headcount enrollment, Ottawa has nearly 2,600 students. Usually the difference between the two enrollment involves kindergarten – the state only pay for half-days so schools count each kindergarten student as half. Wellsville superintendent Denise O’Dea said her schools reported an increase of 15 students – 845 — to the state from last year. Central Heights superintendent Jim Reece said his school’s enrollment will see a drop of 10 students to 528. West Franklin schools reported a drop of 12 to 705. Superintendent Dotson Bradbury said that was less of a drop than was expected for this year. The state distributes its funding to schools based in large part on school enrollment.

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