June 24, 2024

GARNETT — Federal and state lawmakers are eying the growing number of traffic accidents caused by drivers using cell phones or other electronic devices. This year, a new Kansas law banned youths with learner’s permits, farm permits or restricted licenses from using cell phones or other electronic devices while driving. Local law officers say they see lots of drivers using cell phones. Garnett Chief of Police John Leinweber tells the Anderson County Review his officers see a lot of cell-phone use on wheels. He said inattentive driving is the most common reason for accidents in Garnett. However, most drivers won’t admit they were using a cell phone, he said. Anderson County Sheriff Scot Brownrigg said the most common accidents in the county are caused by collisions with animals or inattentive driving. Brownrigg said that no driver has admitted they were using a cell phone before an accident.

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