June 15, 2024

WARSAW, Mo. — A court hearing for a Garnett man charged with a triple homicide in Missouri has been rescheduled. A Benton County, Mo.,, judge has postponed the preliminary hearing for 45-year-old Robert Blurton until Dec. 16. Blurton was arrested in and extradited from Garnett to face charges that he murdered three relatives in Missouri as part of a bungled robbery. He is in jail on a $3 million bond. The Anderson County Review reported that Blurton’s attorney has challenged some of the evidence collected against him. A preliminary hearing requires prosecutors to prove they have enough evidence for a trial of a defendant. Blurton’s uncle and aunt Donald and Sharon Luetjen and their granddaughter Taron Leutjen were killed June 9 at their home at Cole Camp, Mo.

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