June 24, 2024

OTTAWA — In court testimony Wednesday, an Ottawa detective said that Mark Sherman described 19-year-old Sky Cadorette as his best friend. Detective Rick Geist said Cadorette had been temporarily living at Sherman’s house at 722 S. Hickory and watching his children before she was killed July 10. Sherman is facing a jury trial this week in Franklin County District Court for second degree murder in the shooting death of Cadorette at Sherman’s birthday party at his house. During court testimony, police and ambulance workers say they found him incoherent and holding her after she was shot. Ottawa police officer J.W. Hawkins said that he told Sherman to give CPR to Cadorette. An ambulance worker said she took over resusitation efforts until it was clear Cadorette was dead. In earlier testimony, witnesses described heavy drinking, loud rap music and the playing the ultra-violent video game “Halo III” at the party. Witnesses said Sherman pulled out a semi-automatic pistol and showed it around to guests. Witnesses said at some point, the pistol was loaded and while he was handling it, it went off, shooting Cadorette in the mouth. Much of the afternoon testimony included forsenic evidence presented by Shawnee County assistant coroner Altof Hassain, who performed an autopsy on her body. He said that despite the drinking at the party, Cadorette had no alcohol in her body.

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