June 15, 2024

OTTAWA — Ottawa superman Nick Harris says he’s no hero – he just reacted and lifted a car off a Eugene Field student when it backed over her recently – nor was he looking for any recognition or fame. Many people tend to freeze when an emergency happens or call 911 and wait for rescuers but a child was endangered and needed help and Harris said he didn’t need to think twice. Harris said he doesn’t know how he managed to lift the car off the girl and credits “having God in my back pocket” although he joked also eats Quaker Oatmeal every morning. He also tried to lift a similar car later – and couldn’t do it. Harris said that other than some bruising, the girl is OK and went skating the day after the accident. He said he’s been surprised by the national and international attention –he was recently interviewed by a London newspaper — given to his deed and said he’s ready to return to anonymity.

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