June 15, 2024

OTTAWA — A judge refused Pomona mayor Joanne Hancock’s request for a temporary injunction against the Pomona City Council and Pomona zoning administrator Doug Combs. District Judge Eric Godderz ruled this afternoon that the city wouldn’t suffer irreparable harm by allowing Combs to continue working as zoning administrator and codes enforcement director until a final hearing is held on his status. Hancock has tried to suspend Combs. The council reinstated him, prompting the court fight. After the ruling, Hancock vowed to continue the fight. She said as mayor, she took an oath to enforce the law and the law requires Combs to live in the city. The city council’s attorney Steven Pigg said that the city’s previous zoning administrators haven’t lived in Pomona, and that Hancock tried to hire successors who didn’t live in the city, either. Council member Marie Seneca said she was relieved by the ruling. She said Combs has done a good job and has the full support of the city council, the planning commission and the community. Hancock was the only witness called to testify. She testified that she had a disagreement with Combs when she was doing a remodeling project at her home and that she ran for mayor later. She denied that she ran for mayor on the platform of removing Combs, which prompted an audible response from city council members sitting in the courtroom. A final hearing has been scheduled for May 13.

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