June 18, 2024

MOUND CITY — The University of Kansas Alumni Association and KU Endowment will recognize Kansas Honor Scholars in Miami and Linn counties Wednesday night at Mound City. During the ceremony, each student will receive an American Heritage dictionary, in both hardback and electronic versions. Students being honored from Osawatomie High School: Megan Bertone, Erika Davis, Matthew Dickinson, Julia Dorsett, Amanda Ellis, Samantha Ferrell, Sara Schwalm, Devan Smith and Brendan Soucie. From Paola High School: Rachael Guenther, Katherine Kennedy, Kari Ludes, Timmie Morris, Briana Mueller, Alyssa Paul, Paige Queen, Michael Reynolds, Rachel Schmidt, Abigail Smith, Eric Timpe, Keelan Trull, Rebecca Ward, Brittany Weber and Allison Wood. From Jayhawk Linn: Micah Black, Taylor Dawson, Clayton Dierksen, Meriel Long, Jessie McGown, Kayla McGrew, Amory Miller and Christina Perkins. From Louisburg: Christopher Agnew, Gwendolyn Baumgardner, Emily Bergman, C. Taylor Brown, Ashton Dover, J. Tyler Downs, Jordan Eggers, Gentry Griffin, Zachary Hill, Kelsey Keltner, Michael Powers, Rachel Rusk, Charity Sterling and Kaitlin Wertz. From Pleasanton: Felicia Mincks and Tyler Myrick. Prairie View: Sheila Bailey, Hannah Behm, Jennifer Clark, Michael Fraser, John Hatfield, Hayley Irwin, and Jessica Solo.

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