June 15, 2024

POMONA — It appears Pomona voters dropped Mayor Joanne Hancock’s husband from the list of candidates for Pomona City Council. Among the seven candidates, Rex Hancock received 37 votes, the lowest number of votes in Tuesday’s primary. However, County Clerk Shari Perry said that is unofficial. Four provisional votes weren’t counted and Hancock and the next-lowest candidate Walter Cunningham were only one vote apart. Cunningham received 38 votes. Rick smith was the top vote-getter with 116 votes. Former mayor Richard Adler, who was unseated by Joann Hancock last year, was number-two with 111 votes. Also in the running for the general election are council incumbents Don Lockaby, 106 votes; and Mary Whitaker, 71; and Jerry Slavens, 44; and Cunningham. Franklin County commissioners will canvass the vote results Friday morning and decide whether to include the provisional ballots in the final total.

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