July 18, 2024

TOPEKA–Republican Gubernatorial candidate Sam Brownback is trying to put some distance between himself and a controversial evangelist. Earlier this week, Kansas Democratic Party Executive Director Kenny Johnston said voters should pay attention to Brownback’s relationship with Lou Engle. Engle is founder of “The Call to Conscience” and has discussed a possible national civil war to end abortion and praises politicians who denounce homosexuals. Last December, Brownback spoke during a live video “Prayercast” to oppose health care reform…and Engle was also one of the speakers. Engle and Brownback also shared a rented condominium for 7 months in Washington DC after Brownback’s apartment burned. Brownback says that Engle has said a number of things that trouble him, and he hasn’t had much association with Engle for quite some time.
Wednesday, Oct. 13, 10:45 am

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