July 18, 2024

GARNETT–The city of Garnett is going into the traveling toilet business. From October 18 to the 29 the city will have several toilets traveling around town to raise money for new basketball goals at the Garnett Recreation Center. If you’re interested, you can arrange to have a decorated toilet placed in a friend or neighbor’s yard. The cost is a $10 donation for delivery. To have the toilet removed, the friend or neighbor can make a $5.00 donation. To have it removed and placed in another friend or neighbor’s yard, they can make a $10.00 donation. The best value of all is Potty Protection Insurance. A $20 donation will get the toilet removed, placed in a friend or neighbor’s yard of their choice, and guarantees the toilet will not return to the yard from which it came. To get in on the….action…you can call 785-204-2094.
Wednesday, Oct. 13, 1:04 pm

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