July 21, 2024

OTTAWA–There was a audible moan from the family and friends of Aaron Kichler, who was killed last year when his motorcycle collided with a pickup driven by Roger Shaw of Wellsville. Shaw was due to be sentenced today in Franklin County District Court on a conviction of Involuntary Manslaughter while Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol. However, Shaw’s attorney, Sue Devoe, revealed she had just learned Shaw was taken to the hospital last night with gallstones, and was on pain medication. Devoe said Shaw was not completely aware of what was going on, and therefore sentencing should not proceed. Franklin County Attorney Heather Jones objected, saying she had heard Shaw was sick last night, but in talking to several people, he seemed to be coherent enough for sentencing to be carried out. The Judge asked Jones if she had notified Devoe of her client’s illness, and she said no. The Judge asked why not. After a few seconds of silence, Jones said Shaw’s medical problems didn’t seem to be serious, so felt no need to call his attorney. The Judge then granted a two week continuance, with sentencing now set for December 13 at 10 O’Clock. The case stems from a fatal wreck in July 2009 when Shaw collided with Aaron Kichler’s motorcycle on a county road near Wellsville. Shaw was given a blood test shortly after the wreck…he registered a .11 blood alcohol rating, well above the .08 legal intoxication limit.
Monday, Nov. 29, 1:48 pm

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