July 14, 2024

TOPEKA — Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt issued a warning about a new scam, in which scammers pose as a collection agency. Schmidt said his office has received numerous calls from Kansans who have been contacted by an organization calling itself National Credit Solutions and purporting to be a debt collection agency. National Credit Solutions contacts people by mail or telephone and says it’s collecting a late fee owed by the consumer to Hollywood Video, he said. The organization tells the consumer that the late fee was never paid and that Hollywood Video has turned the account over to National Credit Solutions for collection. The organization then tells the consumer that the amount must be paid immediately or it will be reported on the consumer’s credit report and then tries to bargain a lower amount to get them to pay on the spot, he said. Consumers don’t owe any late fee to Hollywood Video and Schmidt calls it a scam. You should call his consumer protection division at 1-800-432-2310 or on-line at www.ksag.org.
Wednesday, Jan. 26, 11:30 a.m.

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