July 20, 2024

PRINCETON — Several rural fire departments were called to a house fire in the 100 block of High Street in Princeton late Monday night. Ohio Township Fire Chief Rick Sawin said firefighters found fire in one room and quickly knocked that down. However, the fire had traveled into a wall, which complicated fire-fighting efforts, he said. Robert Fielden Jr., 44, was found unconcious outside his burning house. Franklin County Sheriff’s officers said he was taken to a safe location. Fielden was treated by an ambulance crew at the scene but decided not to be taken to the hospital, Sawin said. Remodelling work was under way at the house, he said. The fire may have started as a result of a couple of electrical heaters, he said. Sawin said he didn’t have an immediate estimate of damage. The fire is the fourth in two weeks involving electrical heating devices during winter storms.
Tuesday, Feb. 8, 7 p.m.

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