July 20, 2024

LOUISBURG–The city of Louisburg and Miami County Rural Water District No. 2 officials are headed back to court. The Osawatomie Journal reports that both sides are due back in court Monday to resolve a 6-year issue. Louisburg wanted to expand its growth area, however, RWD No. 2 filed a petition against the city in 2005, hoping to force the city to cooperate with state statues regarding compensation for city-annexed land within rural water district territories. In March 2007, a panel ruled that Louisburg needed to pay $133,200 for RWD No. 2 for value of the property, facilities, and improvements. However in 2008, a district judge ruled that RWD No. 2 failed to meet its burden of proof that the appraisers’ award was unreasonable and overturned the ruling. The Supreme Court ruled that RWD No. 2 was entitled for another trial. The trial is scheduled at 9 Monday morning at the Miami Courthouse.

Friday, March 4th, 7:36 am

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