July 15, 2024

OTTAWA – If you have a beloved dog or cat buried at the former Bea Martin Peck Pet Cemetery…..better come dig it up. Basically, that is the decision made by the Franklin County Fair Board, which now owns the property. Recently, all the old grave markers were removed from the cemetery by individuals of the Prairie Paws Animal Shelter which succeeded the Bea Martin Peck facility, and this action upset many pet lovers. During a public session Monday night, several people pleaded with the Fair Board to not disturb the cemetery, including 13 year old Gracie Chappell.

13 Year Old Gracie Chappell

After going into a 30 minute executive session, the fair board announced they had arrived at a decision. Fair Board Secretary Brandy Shomaker read the prepared statement.

Fair Board Statement

There were 2 sheriff’s deputies guarding the door to celebration hall…..apparently to make sure everything stayed in order.

Edited: Tuesday, March 29 12pm

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