July 18, 2024

OTTAWA — It’s Chevrolet all the way. Sheriff Jeff Curry said he’ll pick Chevy Caprices for the county’s three new patrol cars instead of Dodge Chargers. Curry told county commissioners Monday that both Chevy and Dodge bids were about the same. Although it will take longer for the department to get the Chevys, he said there are key reasons for picking Chevys, including ease of installing radios, equipment and computers; and for safety. In test drives, Curry said he discovered the cars’ batteries are in the trunk. He said having batteries in the back are better in case of front-end collisions, when batteries represent a safety threat. In addition, they’re easier to change, also important because police cars, which have heavy electrical loads, go through batteries more often. The county will buy the cars from McCarthy Chevrolet of Olathe for $22,000 and trade-ins. Commissioners are schedule to vote on the bids Wednesday. Ford will discontinue Crown Victoria sedans, which have been the favorite for police and sheriff’s departments, prompting the change in cars.
Tuesday, April 19, 3 p.m.

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