June 24, 2024

John Brown Museum State Historic site in Osawatomie will participate in the 2024 Kansas Tourism Sunflower Summer Program. It is an internationally recognized stronghold of Kansas’ critical role in America’s Pre-Civil War History. The museum focuses on the activities of famed abolitionist John Brown, who headquartered in the log cabin during the 1850’s.

The Sunflower Summer Program is a benefit for Kansas families with school-aged children to encourage them to explore, and fall in love, with Kansas. The program is designed to give affordable access to tourism attractions across the state and support the Kansas Tourism economy. Eligible Kansas families will download the Sunflower Summer app to claim tickets to participating venues. The 2024 Sunflower Summer season will run from May 25th through August 11th.

Site administrator Grady Atwater says they are thrilled to be a venue for the 2024 Kansas Sunflower Summer Program. He says the opportunity allows them to welcome Kansas families to the attraction and provide them with an unforgettable experience.