June 24, 2024

The issues at the Garnett swimming pool continue. The pool will not be open again this weekend, June 7th. A few weeks ago, one of the two filtration pumps blew a gasket, breaking a 5 inch water line. Fortunately, no one was hurt when it blew, but the result was a broken water main and an inoperable sand filter. City Commissioner decided to proceed with one filter.

According to Garnett City Manager, Travis Wilson, all of the repairs and plumbing have been completed and they are in the process of refilling the pool. Once it is full, they plan to shock it, get chemicals added, and run the pool for several days to make sure everything is operating correctly and safely. One concern will be how murkey the water will be. If the guards can not see the bottom of the pool, it would be a safety hazard. If everything checks out and is safe for patrons to use, the pool could open sometime next week. Wilson thanks the public for their patience as they work through the repairs.