July 21, 2024

Recently, the storm siren in Beagle went off on it’s own during a storm. It’s now believed that it took a direct lightning hit or received a power surge which made it malfunction and was unable to be turned off remotely. A technician inspected the siren and was able to repair it. The sheriff’s office has stated that, as with previous out of service storm sirens, the Miami County Sheriff’s Office will supplement any siren with a deputy responding to the area with their emergency sirens activated and making contact with citizens outdoors to take shelter if a tornado warning is issued in that specific area.

The sheriff’s office would like to remind people that storm sirens are for outdoor notifications and are a supplemental tornado warning system and should not be your sole source for being notified of a tornado. It is recommended that a weather radio be purchased for your residence as well as monitor weather outlets. You can also sign up for weather alerts to your phone. A link to that service is on the sheriff’s office facebook page and the Miami County website.