July 18, 2024

Following public meetings by the Kansas Corporation Commission to consider rate increases for Kansas Gas Service customers, Americans for Prosperity – Kansas submitted comments to urge the commission to deny any rate hike. They highlighted how requests within the Kansas Gas Services Application negatively impact ratepayers while prioritizing KGS’ bottom line. Should the KCC approve KGS request, AFP says Kansans already fighting record inflation will be unnecessarily burdened as the state needs policy solutions that protect ratepayers, not profit off them.

AFP – KS State Director, Elizabeth Patton, says “at a time of record inflation, if Kansas Gas Services’ requests are approved, Kansas consumers will once again be required to bear the brunt of corporate decisions, seemingly made to benefit their own financial interests with little regard to the impact on their ratepayers.”

The KCC took the request under consideration and will rule on it in the near future.